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Brodhead Collar 10 G - Buggy Stuff
Our 10 G Driving Collar
Black full grain leather. Outside seam insewn with 1/2" strip of leather to protect the thread
Available in full face (in stock) or half sweeney 
Sizes 10" to 24"
Available in Russet (brown), white or Patent leather
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Brodhead Collar #16 - Buggy Stuff
Our # 16 Field collar
This collar is made with a high quality full grain leather
It has a double stitched and leather laced
outseam for longer wear
Extra heavy leather cap
Average draft is 18"
Available in other colors. Half Sweeney (in stock), Full Sweeney, Full Face
One of the best field collars made !
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We have a good selection of Pulling and Logging Collars
Quality Made to last for years under
heavy duty use.

Pulling Collar 46
Brodhead Collar brown - Buggy Stuff
All Our Collars are available in
Russett or Brown
Patent leather or White
Brodhead collar 10G White from BuggyStuff.com Brodhead collar # 42 Good all purpose horse collar from Buggy Stuff
#42 Collar
All Purpose
Prices start at: $ 58.95

Brodhead Collar # 72 Buggy Stuff

Our #72 Collar
This collar is made with a black aassorted full grain leather on the back and rim. The face is smooth full grain leather
Double stitched and leather laced inseam and outseam
Average draft is 18"
Very good for average use

Sweeney Explained :

The thicker a horse's neck, the less material they need on the "inside" of the collar. This is apparent approx. 1/3 the way down the neck of the collar.
Very thicked necked horses, usually stallions, will require a full sweeney. An average horse will take a half sweeney, and a thin necked horse will take a full face, as will a mule. Mules and donkeys will have even more material as they are thinner necked by nature
Most draft geldings and mares, as well as most quarter horse type horses and Haflingers, will use the half sweeney.
Full face would be used by Standard bred or Saddle bred horses, as well as Arabians.
Keep in mind these are "most" definitions
The key to getting the most from your horse depends on making them as comfortable as possible.
Adjustable half sweeney collar from BuggyStuff.com
Adjustable Collars are available
in 2 inch increments
They are availble in both the
#72 and #16 Brodhead horse collars

How to measure a horse pony mule for collar
Click Above to See
how to measure a horse
pony, or mule for a collar

Patent Fastener or Buckle Billet?
We sell approx. 5 Patent fasteners to "1" buckel billet
Patent fastener (pictured) are handy when you have gloves on

patent fastener - lever style for horse collars

Horse Collar Mirrors and Clocks